Timing, Timing, Timing

July 24th, 2017
It's not just about location, location, location. It's also timing, timing, timing.

With the recent increase in the Bank of Canada’s interest rate (the first one in 7 years), banks have followed with an increase to their prime rates. How does this impact real estate? Well, mainly through mortgages. But this could help cool down the housing market, too. And with rumours flying about another po ...

34 Abbott Ave, Toronto, ON

July 24th, 2017

I just rented this House at 34 Abbott Ave, Toronto, ON High Park North.

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Location, Location, Location

July 5th, 2017
This may be a realtor’s mantra, but it is so for a reason. Yet this is often the most overlooked part of the selection process for home-buyers. Here are some reasons to revisit that:
  • Amenities. Shopping, entertainment, restaurants… and the amenities to make life easier and more enjoyable. Need we say more?
  • School district. Parents will agree with this... a good school makes all the diff ...