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Doriana Zohil's Market Report: July-August, 2016
Doriana Zohil Market Report - July/August 2016

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Caribbean Villa Sales

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More listings wanted | Prices continue to climb

Doriana Zohil

Recent Purchases and Sales


Toronto’s real estate market continued at a torrid pace in May, setting a new sales record and pushing detached home prices up by 18.9 per cent compared to last year. The number of new listings for all types of housing to come on the market was down by 6.4 per cent. More...

Condos market red hot | Multiple offers now common

Condo apartments in the GTA still offer an affordable way for first-time buyers and investors to get into the real estate market, but prices are rising and multiple offers are now common on the most popular units and locations. Prices are being driven up by the lack of listings. New listings are down by 9 per cent compared to this time last year, while sales are up by about 15 per cent. More...

Title insurance | What’s included and what is not

Title insurance is a little understood product designed to provide home buyers with confidence that the title of the home or condo they are buying is free from challenges. Traditionally when buying a home, your lawyer conducts a search for any problems with the title and then issues a lawyer’s opinion letter. More...

Chinese buyers | Tremendous new opportunity for sellers

In the past few years, Chinese buyers have started to make their presence felt on the global property market, snapping up everything from luxurious homes, vineyards, to more modest condominiums and investment opportunities. For many Chinese, global property investment is a stable vessel for disposable cash - 70 per cent pay cash for property purchases, says Charles Pittar, CEO of Chinese international property portal Juwai.com. More...

Airconditioning: What you need to know before talking to a contractor

When it comes to buying central air conditioning,what do you really need to know? It all boils down to choosing the right contractor, and the right equipment. While you may have some brand preferences, the major components of most air conditioners come from the same suppliers. A good contractor will help you with the three big issues: size, efficiency and environmental considerations. More...

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